YouTube Trolls and Negative Comments: What’s the Best Thing to Do?

12 May 2022

It is always somewhat hurtful and disconcerting when you put a great deal of time, energy and hard work into creating a dynamic and meaningful YouTube video, and it attracts the mean-spirited comments of trolls.

Although the first impulse is often to strike back directly at these disparaging comments and commenters, this may not help. Remind yourself that some people make a warped hobby out of travelling around the web leaving negative and often senseless comments and insults about even top-quality content.

Best Ways to Handle YouTube Trolls and Negative Comments

The recommended methods for handling YouTube trolls and various types of negative comments directed at your quality videos include the following:

• Do Not Be Threatened or Intimidated by Trolls.
Be aware that anyone can become a troll. It takes no degree of intelligence or skill to make disagreeable comments. Remember that negative comments about your videos are actually reflections of the commenter’s perceptions and abilities or shortcomings in interpreting the true meaning of your content. Some people just won’t get it, regardless of how obvious or simple your presentation may be.

• Realize that All Negative Commenters Are Not Trolls. Some people tend to criticize video content with overly harsh words or unpleasant language. Yet they may not mean to be rude or unkind. These commenters may just approach all comments and reviews through a tough, negative lens.

In fact, after reading through their comments, you may see some truth to what they are saying. You may even gain some valuable insight into how viewers are perceiving your content in ways that you were not aware of.

• Beware of Crafty Trolls.
Some web trolls make a habit of alternating positive and negative comments about YouTube videos. This is a game they like to play, attempting to get you to value their opinions before tearing down your creative expressions. Again, there may be some truth in both types of these comments, but you need to sort through the rubbish to locate a bright spot here and there.

• Refrain from Responding to Trolls.
Refrain from wasting your time talking to trolls. For the most part, they are bored people with low self-esteem who crave attention. If you respond to their negative comments, you are playing into their game. Just remember that they have nothing invested in their unkind comments. Trolling is just a pastime to them. Save your time, energy and valuable ideas for others who truly appreciate your high-quality videos.

• View a Humorous Troll Less Harshly. Occasionally, you may come across a humorous troll when scanning through comments about your YouTube videos. This may be a would-be comedian in search of a gig or a poet trying out a negative trend. This type of commenter is most likely looking for a way into your range of vision and acceptance. Often, they will soften their words and add some valid insights to your collection of diverse video reviews.

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