Understanding Yelp and How They Handle Reviews

25 October 2021

While business owners place a high value on positive online reviews of their brands, products and services, many are somewhat wary of the huge ecosystem of such influential review posting sites as Yelp. Yelp’s advertising sales representatives are known for their aggressive and sometimes controlling tactics. In addition, some positive Yelp reviews of companies that appear to be quite legitimate are filtered out, buried and forgotten.

Yet if they are managed well, Yelp reviews can be a powerful tool for promoting your business visibility, credibility, growth and success. There is a false myth that circulates constantly in the business world claiming that Yelp reviewers are self-appointed celebrities who write negative reviews of good quality businesses to boost their egos. However, accurate research has shown that there are far more positive reviews posted on Yelp than negative ones.

Understanding How Yelp Handles Company Reviews

Results from these studies reveal the following favourable statistics:

  • 69% of published Yelp reviews have four and five stars;
  • 51% of Yelp reviews are five-star ratings, and 18% have four-stars;
  • 70% of Yelp reviewers say they would recommend any business they give high marks to;
  • 22% of Yelp reviewers would not recommend the companies that they have reviewed.

The vast majority of Yelp reviewers like reviewing companies to which they can grant high ratings and overall positive reviews. Everyone likes the idea of being the first to praise a brand, product or service on a publicly read and respected website.

Yelp reviews impact your business in the following ways:

  • Every new star earned on Yelp produces a 9% increase in company revenue.
  • 45.18% of today’s consumers read Yelp reviews before making a purchasing decision. (Compared this result to 63.6% on Google).
  • Improving from a 3-star rating to a 5-star Yelp rating generates 25% more clicks from Google’s SERPs.
  • A 5-star rating earns 39% more clicks in Google’s SERPs (vs. a 1-star rating).
  • 97% of today’s consumers buy products and services from a business they find on Yelp.
  • 51% of modern-day consumers make their purchase within one day after reading a positive review; 90% buy within one week.
  • 92% of today’s consumers seek a business they can return to for more purchases.
  • 80% of current Yelp reviewers share businesses they’ve found with other reviewers and consumers.

Yelp has 220 million reviews and returns a 10% year-over-year growth rate.

As of the third quarter of 2020, there were 73 million mobile device users and 32 million unique devices accessing reviews on Yelp.

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