Understanding the Reasons Why Some Google Reviews Get Deleted

20 August 2021

Have you been elated to learn that a client gave your business a 5-star rating on your Google My Business page only to be twice as disappointed to discover that this shiny review disappeared a few days later? This has happened to many online business owners, leaving them feeling somewhat puzzled and deflated.

There are several reasons why some Google reviews are deleted, such as the following:

A URL Appears in the Review. If a URL appears in a review, it is probably spam, which will tag the review for removal. Some of your well-satisfied clients or customers may want to showcase your awesome brand and website, so they include your site’s URL in their review. Unfortunately, that act of support and kindness can get a fabulous review deleted.

You and Your Company Have Other Reviews on Google My Business. If you have plenty of reviews of your business and your great customer services on Google My Business, but no reviews on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and other well-known social media and web venues, this may have caused a great review to be removed. This review may have seemed like spam since all of your good notice and praise appeared on Google My Business.

Your Deleted Review Came from the Same IP Address As Others. If multiple reviews of your business, products and services originated at the same IP address, which does not belong to your business, this may have triggered the spam filers. In this case, these reviews, in all probability, are fake or spam. There is no way that your company could have received 20 valid reviews from the same physical location.

Your Business Received Many Reviews Recently. If your Google My Business page has gotten a large number of reviews within a short time frame, spam detectors may have been triggered. Be sure to request reviews from only a small number of your customers at one time. If your Google My Business page gets a barrage of 50 new glowing reviews in one day, this will raise the strong suspicion of spam.

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