Top Four Reasons Why You Should Not Always Fully Trust Online Reviews

17 January 2022

Today, fake online product reviews have reached epidemic proportions. The experts at are in the business of identifying false reviews on the web. Unfortunately, some companies continuously plant fake positive reviews of their products and services. They may also attempt to damage the reputations of their competing brands with unfavourable reviews.

In reality, many of the high company and product ratings that you see online simply are not valid. In fact, as many as 70 percent of Amazon reviews are not real, according to Fakespot pros. If an online review appears fake to you, there is a high probability that it is. Trust your own instincts and consult a website like Fakespot before purchasing a product that will be disappointing in terms of quality or functionality.

Leading Four Reasons Why You Should Not Fully Trust All Online Reviews

Four major reasons for not always fully trusting online reviews of companies, products and services include the following: 

  • Some Reviewers are Not Customers. You will discover that some online reviewers of companies and their products or services are not customers of this company. They have never bought or used the products or services that they are reviewing. Some web users simply make a game of writing fake reviews as a type of bad, deceptive joke. Also, some false reviewers may actually work for companies that are competitors of the reviewed company. 
  • Generic Products with Five-Star Reviews Are Suspicious. You should always be sceptical of generic product reviews that give the product a five-star rating. Just be aware that when you purchase a knockoff that is highly rated, you may get an inferior or faulty product. Some sellers actually create several accounts to post multiple fake positive reviews on a single day. They are attempting to create credibility with false evaluations of undesirable products.
  • Any Product or Service with All Five-Star Ratings is Suspect. If a company, product or service has nothing but five-star ratings, this is a glaring red flag. There simply is no product, service or shopper experience that is perfect for all buyers. If you want to avoid purchasing a poor-quality item, buy from known, trusted brands that are recognised for their superior quality.
  • Some Companies Hire Writers to Produce Fake Reviews. Some companies actually hire professional writers to produce fake reviews of their products or about their competitors and their products or services. These writers are quite skilled at creating false reviews that are well-written and sound quite valid. You can sometimes identify these writers by their writing style and recognise their style in other reviews. This can enable you to steer clear of the brands and products that they review.

By consulting our experts at Online Reputation Management with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, you can obtain top-rated information about why you should not always completely trust online reviews. Our experienced professionals will ensure that you gain a full understanding of the top reasons for learning to identify fake reviews of companies, products and services.

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