Three Ways to Convince Customers to Post Positive Online Reviews

14 February 2022

Customer reviews are extremely important to the success of your business today. These reviews can have a significant influence on the buying decisions of your customers and potential buyers. Many consumers now refrain from purchasing a brand’s products or services until they read customer reviews of them online or off.

Many shoppers now rely completely on customer opinions and experiences, or customer proof, to guide them in making their buying decisions. The number of consumers who shop online today is constantly increasing. For this reason, positive online reviews of your brand and products are essential for business growth and higher conversion rates.

Three Ways to Convince Your Customers to Post Favourable Online Reviews

Three major methods of convincing your business customers to post positive online reviews of your brand, products and services include the following:

1. Design a Process for Requesting Reviews.
When pursuing positive customer reviews for your business, make requesting customer reviews a regular part of your sales and customer experience process. On follow-up emails and text messages to your customers following their product purchases, request reviews of their total buying experience. By asking your satisfied customers for these reviews, you let them know that you value their opinions.

You will also encourage an ongoing dialogue with your customer base. If a less than satisfied customer posts a somewhat unfavourable review of your brand and featured products, contact the customer directly to express your concern. Ask them to explain their disappointment or problem with the product. Tell them that you and your staff will work on an effective improvement or solution to this product shortcoming or problem.

2. Automate Your Review Request.
Automating your requests for customer reviews is highly recommended by online business reputation experts. Some online companies initiate their requests for customer reviews with a brief shopper experience survey or poll. Others prefer using pop-up forms or email follow-ups.

Onsite pop-up forms are very helpful for getting each customer’s immediate thoughts right after they make a purchase. These forms can be set up to populate as reviews on designated review sites. If your business requires customer appointments like beauty salons and spas or many consulting services, send your clients an automated email or text after each appointment.

In the message, ask them to schedule another meeting or appointment. Also ask them to leave a review of their experiences with your business, products and services. This encourages each client or customer to write a review while their recent appointment and experience is still fresh in their mind.

3. Target Satisfied Customers for Reviews. It is important to focus on getting positive reviews for your company. One way to achieve this is to request product and service reviews after a buyer has expressed satisfaction with your brand.

By requesting a private rating from customers prior to asking for their publicly posted reviews, you can also work on transforming displeased buyers into happy ones. As the owner of your business, contact these unhappy customers yourself. Let them know that you, as the chief company leader, will work with your staff toward “righting this wrong.”

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