Three Tips on How to Handle Negative Google Reviews

21 December 2021

If your business website and brand are receiving negative Google reviews, you can take some definite steps to turn these unfavourable reports into positive ones. The worst possible reaction that you can have is to ignore them, considering these reviews to have little importance to your business success.

In fact, company owners who receive negative reviews on Google, social media networks and in other popular online review-posting venues can achieve good results by replying directly to unfavourable reviews. Regardless of whether a poor review was written and posted by a consumer who purchased your products and services or by an employee or official from a competitor or other company, you can create a conversation by replying.

Three Valuable Tips Concerning Ways to Handle Negative Google Reviews

Three valuable tips about helpful ways to handle negative Google reviews include the following:

Reply as Business Owner or Company Official. When you reply with a concerned and earnest message to a negative Google review, you will impress both the poster of the review and other readers. Consumers are surprised when company owners or officials take a genuine interest in customer or other company complaints about products, services and website presentations. Just by showing your genuine interest and concern about a customer’s or competitor’s dissatisfaction with some aspect of your brand can turn a negative review into a positive response.

Address and Correct Your Brand’s Shortcomings. Examine all the negative reviews that your company, products and services receive. Then work directly on addressing and correcting any shortcomings of your brand. When you make an honest effort to understand and deal with customer dissatisfaction with your products and services, you gain valuable insights concerning how consumers view your company and its offerings.

Involve Your Company Staff. Hold company staff meetings to examine negative reviews of your brand and seek input from your staff members concerning poor reviews. Everyone from our marketing director to your customer support team to your product packagers will have valuable viewpoints concerning how to correct consumer issues with your brand and products. Since your employees are consumers and active customers as well, they are very good sources of information and insights about how to turn negative brand reviews into positive ones.

By consulting our experts at Online Reputation Management, you can gain valuable information and advice about the best ways to handle negative reviews of your company brand, products and services. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, our experienced team of professionals are well-prepared to offer ultimate quality advice for major steps to take for turning any and all negative reviews of your brand in to positive, beneficial ones.

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