Three Keys to Success in Online Reputation Management

03 December 2021

Today, more than 70 percent of your customers will locate your business through an online search. Regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar enterprise or an e-commerce website, contemporary consumers rely on web searches to find your brands, products and services. Only by acquiring and maintaining a top-rated online reputation can you ensure greater degrees of ongoing success for your company.

Online reputation management (ORM) is managing and responding to what is said about your business in reviews and comments. Both consumers and other members of your industry may choose to write and post reviews of your brand, products and services. Other aspects of your company may also receive comments and reviews. Your company and website rankings in search results may also be commented on by reviewers.

Three Major Keys to Success in Online Reputation Management

Three primary keys to success in online reputation management include the following:

Obtain an Audit of Your Company’s Online Reputation. Perform an audit of your company’s online visibility, credibility and presence. You need to know what is being said by your customers and other consumers and companies about your business. By opening an Incognito window in your browser, search for your company name. The search results will reveal what other web users’ searches return concerning your business. Take note of how your company and website rank in SERPs.

Correct the Causes of Any Bad Reviews. If your sales department received an unfavourable review, talk with your sales manager and work to correct the cause. If customers complain about faulty products or late purchase deliveries, be sure to address and correct these issues right away. It also helps to answer consumer criticisms and complaints concerning your company.

Research has shown that approximately 70 percent of dissatisfied customers respond well to complaints that get your prompt response. They will most often purchase items in the future from your company.

Produce Fresh, Relevant and Positive Site Content. If you assess and update your company website’s content, you may be amazed at the higher rankings your business receives in Google searches. You may also be surprised and delighted at the greater number of positive online reviews that your company receives.

When your featured product and service presentation content, your press releases and your customer service offerings are presented in a positive, helpful and attractive way, consumers will respond favourably. You will be rewarded with better Google rankings for searches and better customer comments and reviews.

By consulting our experts at Online Reputation Management with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, you will receive top-quality information and advice about enhancing your online business presence. Our experienced professionals will assist you with improving any aspects of your brand’s online content, web presence and customer satisfaction.

They will help ensure that you correct any issues that are currently causing your business to receive customer complaints and unfavourable reviews. Our pros will guide you along the path to attaining a leading company persona for greater business success.

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