The Importance of Customer Testimonials for Your Brand Image

29 September 2021

The use of customer testimonials is a major marketing strategy for business success today. Most consumers are disenchanted with sensational company claims about the virtues and qualities of featured products.

According to marketing experts, these testimonials are the deciding factors concerning whether the majority of consumers purchase products and services. Positive feedback from current customers about a brand’s products and services is essential to online business success today.

Why Customer Testimonials Can Strengthen and Enhance Your Brand Image

Your customers’ enthusiastic testimonials regarding your e-commerce website’s products and services can greatly strengthen, enhance and expand your business image and influence. Ways in which this positive feedback can benefit your brand include the following:

Building Credibility, Accountability and Trust. According to e-commerce experts, at least 88 percent of online shoppers give as much credibility and value to customer testimonials as they do to personal product recommendations from trusted family members, friends and acquaintances.

Providing Social Proof. The vast majority of consumers today report that they rely heavily on social proof of product quality and value. This social proof can be viewed both online and off in the form of product and service reviews.

If social figures, respected authorities or celebrities give an enthusiastic thumbs up to a brand’s featured items, inventories and service offerings, most people are positively affected. They are much more likely to purchase these praised items of merchandise or varied services after reading these favourable reviews.

Addressing the Human Aspects of Business. Customer testimonials also address the human aspects of a business. Many product sales have been greatly increased after customer reviews revealed and praised how a company handled the return or reimbursement for a flawed or damaged product.

When business owners and officers make an honest effort to compensate customers by replacing a faulty product with an upgraded one or replacing the product and including extra bonuses, customers are surprised and delighted. This builds the brand’s reliability and trust and can boost sales rates impressively.

Requesting Reviews in Follow-Up Emails. When savvy company marketing directors send follow-up emails to customers requesting product or service reviews, the results are extremely beneficial to a brand. Even 50 customer reviews can increase a brand’s sales conversions considerably. Studies have shown that nearly 70 percent of customer product reviews result from merchant or manufacturer email requests. Companies that actively request these reviews can look forward to greater customer trust and product sales rates.

Posting Customer Reviews on Company Websites. Merchants and manufacturers who post positive customer reviews of their products and services on the brand’s website gain more interest and sales from casual web browsers and returning customers alike. Consumers respond well to the experiences of their peers relative to products that they are interested in.

Sometimes shoppers who are seeking a specific product read compelling customer reviews praising the virtues of an unrelated product. Often, these shoppers decide to purchase the product praised in the review out of new interest and curiosity evoked by this dynamic review and product endorsement from a well-satisfied customer.

When you consult our experts at Online Reputation Management with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, you will receive important information concerning the value and influence of customer testimonials to business owners. Our experienced professionals will discuss various ways in which your brand can gain and benefit from large volumes of positive product and service reviews from your well-satisfied customers.

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