The Impact of Consumer Reviews on Buying Decisions

05 July 2021

Online consumer reviews can have a strong impact on shoppers’ buying decisions today. The majority of consumers who shop online read and pay attention to a company’s product and service reviews posted by past or current customers. Many shoppers read these reviews before considering purchasing items from an online merchant.

Before signing up for services from home product repair services, local gardeners or house cleaners, they often check the reviews posted by consumers who have already used these services. These reviews serve as referrals from consumers who have previous experience with merchants or service providers and are “in the know” about these companies and the quality of their brands.

The Impact of Consumer Reviews on Shoppers’ Buying Decisions

Current popular websites that offer frequently read consumer reviews that can have a significant impact on web users’ buying decisions include the following:

Negative Google Reviews. When web users post negative or uncomplimentary reviews of company products and services on Google, these reviews may be read worldwide. They can have a strong influence on the buying decisions and habits of shoppers in many different countries and locales.

Many shoppers read the Google reviews before they even browse for new products to purchase. Bad reviews of merchant products, services and policies can keep many shoppers from trying new brands and featured products.

Negative Glassdoor Reviews. Poor or even slightly unfavourable consumer reviews of companies that post job openings on the Glassdoor website can have a significant influence on job seekers. Other company officials and HR representatives may also see and be impacted by these negative reviews.

Especially when a job seeker who is about to apply for an employment position at a company reads a negative review of this employer, it may keep this individual from completing an application. Even a single bad review of an employer among a series of favourable ones can deter some job hunters from applying to work at a company.

Negative TripAdvisor Reviews. When consumers who want to plan a trip read poor reviews of hotels, inns, B&Bs or other guest accommodations, they immediately look for another place to stay while travelling. If previous travellers post negative reports or comments about vacation spas and resorts, other consumers are hesitant to book a vacation there, even if they have heard good reports before.

When travellers post uncomplimentary reviews of airline flights, bus or rail transportation, other travellers who wish to book transportation usually heed these posted warnings. No one wants to spoil an ideal vacation or excursion with an unpleasant travel experience. For this reason, future travellers pay close attention to these reviews and frequently make other plans when in doubt about the quality of travel arrangements or accommodations.

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