Six Reasons Why Some Google Reviews Don’t Show Up Publicly

04 March 2022

Some Google reviews do not have public visibility. A review may disappear because of issues or changes affecting your Google My Business listing. You can often make alterations to your listing that can reinstate the review’s visibility. However, if your review lacks visibility due to changes in the GMB platform, this is a different scenario in which Google has control.

Six Leading Reasons for Some Google Reviews Losing Public Visibility

Six main reasons why some Google reviews fail to show up publicly include the following:

1. Google Has Disabled Some Reviews Temporarily. At times, a major event or situation can affect the public visibility of Google reviews. As an example, Google had a reduced work team during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. During that time period, all listings had disabled reviews to some degree. Customers were unable to write and post new reviews, and companies were not able to respond to reviews on their GMB listings.

2. Incorrect or Outdated Information on Listing. An inaccurate business listing on Google both repels customers and lessens the amount of Google reviews that a company can receive once customers leave the store. Yet you can right this wrong by revising your GMB listing and using recommended practices in managing your listing.

3. Duplicated Listings. Your specific location may have duplicate Google listings. This may be a result of Google having removed a review from your listing, which is currently displayed on a listing that does not belong to you. Obviously, you cannot manage or control this other listing. To check for duplicated listings, access Google Maps and perform a search for your business location’s address or name.

4. New Business Location. When a business moves to a new location, but uses the same name, reviews should be transferred by Google to the new location on Google Maps. Yet if a company is strongly connected to a certain locale, Google may not transfer any reviews automatically. Be aware of the fact that if you move your business to a new location, you may need to verify your GMB listing again.

5. Very New Listings. It can require some time after you post a new business listing on Google for web users to gain access to and read reviews of your business. Google typically does not display all of your company’s reviews until no less than five individuals have posted a review or rating.

6. Reviews that Include URLs and Links. Any reviews and replies that contain URLs or links are likely to be removed by Google. Yet users can view their original postings and revise GMB reviews to remove these links and URLs and maintain their Google listings.

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