Real or Unreal: Why Negative Reviews Can Drag Your Business Reputation and ROI Down?

11 May 2021

“You can’t please everyone.” This is a quote that is very familiar to everyone and it need not be explained anymore. After all, the meaning is already quite obvious and if no one is perfect, then there is no such thing as a perfect business either. But how does imperfection and bad reviews really affect a business?

By the mere mention of the word Google, a lot of things already come to mind, but the most obvious for everyone is that it is a powerful search engine tool. Additionally, Google is also the fastest growing platform in terms of local reviews for businesses. A business can be highly searchable, and positive Google reviews can help build it up, but when negative Google reviews come up within the search results, this becomes another story.

While some business owners see these reviews as just another press release, others may see them as a way to improve further, and sensible business owners will see them as income losses. Business owners face numerous challenges when dealing with negative Google reviews. Even though anonymous Google reviews is now a thing of the past, and Google has now implemented stricter rules to prevent spam – Still, the psyche of these negative reviews create an impact to legitimate customers. In short, star ratings matter a lot for a business to survive.

How Negative Reviews Can Drag Your Business?

A business impression can be built based on reviews alone, and this is why many digital strategists and marketers ask happy and satisfied customers to post their reviews online. By all means, reviews also increase understanding of a brand and business perception. Many people especially those who are searching to invest in highly valuable and expensive products or even services, will always read individual reviews, not just overall star ratings.

Negative Reviews Affect Sales Pushing Business to Incur Losses

Negative reviews can impact heavily on sales and businesses will definitely incur losses. New customers will not waste their time and money on a business with multiple negative reviews. Likewise, past customers who made the bad reviews will not be repeat customers, and will also have more tendency to spread the bad experience they had by word of mouth. It is always a wise move for businesses, especially those in the local pack to keep in mind that giving the best customer service experience is just as important as having high quality products and putting mark-ups on their prices.

Bad Online Reputation Likely Results to Losing Clients and Investors

A good online reputation improves return of investment or ROI. Statistics and studies show that the overall population from the general public to potential investors are keen in checking out businesses online. The online reputation of a business influences the purchasing decisions and investing limits of the potential consumers. Thus, businesses could be one bad review away from losing clients and investors.

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