Online Reputation and Its Importance to E-Commerce Websites

13 September 2021

A vast amount of any e-commerce company’s success is based on the company’s reputation. Your customers must have some level of trust in you, your brand and your products or services each time that they buy from you. If your products and services are excellent and you deliver them promptly, your customers will develop a greater degree of trust in you and your company.

E-Commerce and Your Company Reputation

A large majority of consumers report that online reviews of companies’ products and services have a major influence on their purchasing decisions. Unfortunately for online business owners, negative reviews can only be removed if they are slanderous or libellous. In most instances, it is very difficult to successfully refute these bad reviews.

Your potential buyers believe what other consumers say about their experiences with your brand and products. Confronting and criticizing your detractors puts you on the defensive, and customers may doubt your credibility and reliability even more.

However, for the sake of your company reputation, you cannot ignore bad reviews of your brand. If you do, your customer base and sales conversion rates may dwindle or even plummet to very low levels. It is essential to assess and reverse any damage that bad customer reviews have inflicted on your company reputation. For a successful professional solution to this serious issue, you should consider engaging the services of a reputation management company.

How Reputation Management Can Positively Impact Your E-Commerce Results

A professional reputation management company can move negative reviews of your company downward in SERPs. This makes these potentially damaging comments less visible and less effective. Yet while you appreciate the benefits of hiring a respected reputation management company to restore your good business standing, you should avoid working with unscrupulous ones. Beware of such unethical business practices as the following:

  • False Claims and High Fees. Some reputation management companies may claim that they can remove all negative reviews and comments concerning your brand and products or services for a sizable fee. Refrain from falling for an offer like this. It is virtually impossible to erase content that is generated by web users from any site or platform that you do not own.
  • Illegal Tactics. You want to avoid reputation management companies that create fake reviews to combat and refute any negative posted comments about your brand. Also beware of these reputation cleansers who use astroturfing, or the masking of a message or group’s sponsors to give the impression that this information was issued by and has the support of grassroots factions.

Look for Legitimate Solutions

Look for reputation managers who can discredit negative comments about your company by producing content that is truthful and relevant. When this content is posted on your company website, on social media platforms and in popular and respected forums and linked to authority sites, it is highly effective. Such respected solutions can do wonders to right any wrongs that bad reviews have done to your e-commerce business reputation.

When you consult our experts at Online Reputation Management with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, you will receive excellent advice and services for repairing damage caused to your e-commerce website by bad reviews. Our experienced professionals will use all legitimate and effective measures to restore the original superior business reputation of your brand, products and services.

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