How Positive Reviews Can Impact Your Brand Authority and SEO 

09 August 2021

Positive reviews can have a strong impact on your brand authority and SEO. Today, from 82 to 84 percent of consumers search for reviews of local companies before doing business with them. These percentages are based directly on the habits of consumers aged 18 to 54 since they are the most extensive and powerful group and force affecting e-commerce today.

Reviews are a major element of the customer’s experience. While positive reviews have strong effects on the purchasing decisions and habits of consumers, they also have a significant impact on the sales rates and success of companies. Most consumers read each company’s product and service reviews before purchasing products.

Local SEO is strongly affected by positive reviews, since new and potential customers tend to follow the information and advice about business products that are provided by current customers. Potential buyers frequently decide whether to buy a specific product according to the ratings for this product given by reviewers.

Your company’s brand authority is also significantly impacted by these reviews. Consumers often base their evaluation of your business authority on the reviews that they read concerning your products and services.

Why Positive Reviews Are Important for Your Business Success

Strong positive reviews of your brand, products and services are extremely important for your business success for the following reasons:

  • Assurance of Brand Quality. Consumers want assurance from your current customers that your brand and the products and services that it offers are of high quality. Many shoppers today consider it irresponsible to purchase items from a company without some reassurance that the merchandise or services are “tried and true,” according to the company’s advertisements.
  • Google Rankings. Reviews can have a significant effect on your company’s Google rankings. This is because positive reviews typically result in improved click through rates. Google includes click through rates as ranking factors. As you acquire greater numbers of positive reviews, your levels of trustworthiness increase in the view of Google and other search engines.
  • B2B Sales and Interactions. Consumer reviews are also read by marketing staff in many other businesses that have an interest in your brand’s products and services. Their evaluation of these reviews and their subsequent product sales rates and interaction levels with your company can have a direct impact on your brand authority and credibility.

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