How Positive Local Reviews Can Help Your ROI and SEO

10 April 2022

Positive local reviews can definitely help your ROI and SEO today. Although there are upwards of 200 factors that are used to calculate search rankings, online reviews from customers relay a powerful signal to search engines that indicates expertise, authority and trust. Company owners delight in seeing positive local customer reviews on their Google My Business profile.

These positive reviews reveal that consumers hold your company’s products and services in high regard. They also enable anyone who may visit your site who has read reviews of your brand and products to know this fact as well. Of course, positive customer reviews that appear in local newspapers, newsletters and local TV channels can also have a significant impact on the ROI and SEO of a business site.

How We Know that Local Google Reviews Help ROI and SEO for Business

When Google’s algorithm evaluates a website, one of its objectives is to measure E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trust). Positive reviews from local shoppers have a major significance. Favourable reviews from local shoppers in your local store alert Google to the fact that your company possesses the trustworthiness that the algorithm is searching for.

In addition, numerous studies have been conducted that reveal that positive local Google reviews have a huge role in determining your search ranking. A couple of years ago, Google banned anonymous reviews that had no profile attached. Since this ban was effective retroactively, many companies lost volumes of reviews overnight.

Further studies showed that businesses that lost a considerable number of reviews also dropped two or more spots in rankings. They sometimes even lost their Page 1 recognition.

Why Local Google Reviews Can Help Your SEO and ROI

There are three basic reasons by positive local reviews benefit your SEO and ROI:

1. Reviews from Local Customers Strengthen Trust.
Google tends to put more trust in what other people and businesses say about you and your e-commerce site than on what you say about yourself and your business. When you get positive, glowing reviews from your local clientele, the Google algorithm gives your e-commerce website greater visibility as a reward. Of course, enhanced SEO for your business site can also increase your return on investment (ROI) significantly.

2. Positive Customer Ratings Increase Your Target Market.
Many online shoppers place a high value on Google customer reviews of businesses. A BrightLocal survey revealed that about 57 percent of consumers only buy from an e-commerce site if it has 4 stars or more.

If your online store or sales site has four or five stars regularly and a large number of in-depth positive reviews, web searchers will most likely gain trust in your website, brand and products. As your site attracts more traffic, Google gets a signal that your domain is authoritative and rewards you with a higher search ranking. This enables you to sell more products, steadily increasing your ROI.

3. Favourable Local Reviews Give Google Information about Your Website.
As you build your e-commerce site, including richly detailed descriptions gives Google valuable information about your products and services. Detailed, yet clear and concise product descriptions make it easier for this giant search engine to recognize your website and crawl it. When this happens, you are on your way to better SEO and increased ROI.

By consulting our experts at Online Reputation Management with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, you will receive top-quality information, advice and services for ways to gain more positive local reviews. With a growing number of happy customers and better web visibility and trust, your e-commerce website will gain improved SEO and increased ROI for business success.


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