How Online Reviews Can Lead to More Sales Conversion

29 April 2022

The powerful effect of online consumer reviews today has a strong influence on the entire sales process for brands. Company leaders and staff members from industries of all types are gaining full awareness that they no longer have control of their brands’ reputations. In essence, the buying customers or business clients who post reviews online are now the major brand influencers.

Important Ways in Which Online Reviews Can Influence Sales Conversions

Both B2B and B2C marketers currently report that online reviews can influence sales conversions in the following ways:

• Displayed Reviews. When reviews are posted on websites and landing pages or on social media platforms, they can have a powerful influence on a brand’s product sales conversions. Studies have shown that a product receiving five reviews is much more likely to have increased sales conversions than a product receiving no reviews.

In fact, after receiving these five reviews, the product sales conversions are typically four times greater. Yet higher-priced versions of this product or similar upscale products will not necessarily gain more sales volumes.

• 5-Star Reviews. Marketing teams report that good rather than superior ratings may boost sales conversion rates the most. Products with ratings in the 4.2 to 4.7 range are more likely to have greater sales conversions than those with higher ratings. Shoppers are actually wary of items with consistently top ratings. Too many 4.8 or 5.0-star ratings can seem contrived or false to some buyers.

• Negative Reviews.
Often, readers tend to lose trust in reviews that are too positive and products that receive a large number of positive reviews. These potential buyers view negative reviews as more honest and credible.

Research also reveals that consumers spend more time on websites that display negative reviews of a company’s product or service. These consumers also frequently purchase a product with one or more negative reviews after spending time reading about it.

• Higher-Priced Products. When shopping for an upscale product, consumers typically pay more attention to online reviews. They trust the opinions of former buyers and the general public concerning the quality of products in a higher price range. In fact, sales conversion rates are often nearly twice as high for these upscale products than for lower-priced items.

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