How Negative Employee Reviews on Glassdoor Can Affect Your Brand and Business Image

26 May 2021

Glassdoor is a major online job and employee seeking a source for companies and workers of all types today. Countless numbers of employers and employees use the Glassdoor website or app to locate new hires or employment opportunities.

If you post a job opening at your company on Glassdoor and it elicits a negative review from one or more of your former employees, this unfavourable comment may have adverse effects on both your company brand and business image.

Negative Employee Reviews on Glassdoor Can Affect Your Company Brand and Image

Unfavourable reviews of your company on Glassdoor that were posted by your former employees can affect your business brand and image negatively in the following ways:

  • Fewer Applicants for Your Job Listings. After negative reviews of your company by former employees appear on Glassdoor, any current job opening that you have posted on this job listing site may experience a drop in applicant numbers. Even job seekers who have a strong interest in working for your company may hesitate to apply.
  • Fewer New Postings of Positive Employee Reviews. After uncomplimentary comments about your business have appeared on Glassdoor, you may notice the lack of many new positive reviews by your former employees. Even those who truly valued and enjoyed working for you may be reluctant to post a good review.
  • Additional Negative Employee Reviews. You may even see some additional negative reviews on Glassdoor by individuals who have worked for your company. These unfavourable comments may not be based on experience. Also, some reviewers may not have ever worked for your business. Some people just like to compete with negative reviews that they read, attempting to outdo the first disgruntled reviewer.
  • Fewer New Contacts from Other Companies. Your company may also experience a reduction in the numbers of executives from other companies who see your job posting on Glassdoor and would normally contact your offices concerning B2B matters. These company leaders may have an interest in doing business with your company, but they may hesitate to contact you after reading one or more negative reviews posted by your former employees.
  • Lower Ratings in Listings of Most Desirable Job Openings. There are numerous online listings of the most highly desirable current job openings in the industry. In some of these listings, your company name may be omitted, either temporarily or permanently, following the appearance of a negative review on Glassdoor by one or more of your former company employees.

Although this negative response to unfavourable comments by your former employee or employees may have only a temporary effect, it can still lessen the positive image that you have built for your business somewhat. By reaching out to reputation management experts, you can gain valuable information and techniques for reversing any adverse effects on your brand and company image.

By contacting our experts at Online Reputation Management with office locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, NZ, you can obtain excellent comprehensive advice concerning the impact of unfavourable reviews of your company on Glassdoor posted by your former employees. Our experienced professionals will guide you in determining the ideal solutions for discrediting these comments and eliminating any lasting negative impact that they may have.

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