How Facebook Reviews Can Affect Your Local Business

13 October 2021

Well over one-half of the nearly 4.5 billion social media users around the globe today use Facebook regularly. These local users of this all-powerful and influential social media network and site rely on Facebook for social and business contacts and reviews of myriad companies, products and services today.

The vast majority of these Facebook loyal fans buy or disregard many products and services based on the Facebook posted reviews of these brands and on the reviewer’s buying experience. While good FB reviews can spike product and service usage sales significantly for brands, unfavourable ones can cause sales and usage to plummet to extremely low points.

How and Why Facebook Reviews Can Have Strong Effects on Your Local Business

Reasons why Facebook reviews of your brand can strongly affect your local business include the following:

  • Users Trust Facebook Reviews. The majority of Facebook product and service reviews are posted by users aged 17 to 45. This same age group purchases the majority of products and services reviewed on this social media network and site. For this reason, especially, they trust the reviews written and posted by their peers and fellow shoppers. Most of these shoppers consult FB reviews of desired brand products and services before they shop. If they see negative or even slightly unfavourable reviews of a brand’s featured offerings, they may decide to buy another brand.
  • Facebook Is the Leading Social Media Platform. As the world’s leading social media platform today, Facebook has a strong influence on consumer spending and purchasing choices. A large number of FB users rely on this social media site’s reviews of local businesses as well as online merchants to help them decide on product buying choices. If you own a local business in your community, you should consider campaigns to encourage your customers to post good reviews of your products or services. Reviews of customer buying experiences are also equally important to your local business success.
  • Facebook Reviews Affect Brand Presence and Credibility. Today’s Facebook reviews have strong effects on your local brand’s presence and credibility. Although it is common to associate the influence of online reviews with online businesses, these reviews can have an equal effect on local company business success. The credibility levels of your local company brand, products and services can also fluctuate significantly based on the number of positive or negative FB reviews that your brand receives.

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