Four Reasons Why TripAdvisor Reviews Are Important to Your Hospitality Business

25 March 2022

TripAdvisor is considered a valuable source of accurate feedback and ratings for resorts, hotels, spas and vacation destinations today. Since many travellers rely on the informative and helpful travel database of TripAdvisor to help them plan trips for business or pleasure, plenty of recent traveller’s reviews also appears on the website.

If a hotel, resort or guest inn that you are interested in does not appear on TripAdvisor, you have good reason to wonder why and to check it out well before booking your stay. All of the leaders in the travel and hospitality industry know the value of their guest accommodations getting good reviews on TripAdvisor.

Four Reasons Why TripAdvisor Reviews Are Valuable for Your Hospitality Business

TripAdvisor reviews posted by travellers who have stayed in guest accommodations during trips are very important to owners of hospitality businesses for the following four reasons:

1. Consumers Trust Other Travellers’ Opinions. Most consumers who are planning trips today trust the opinions of other travellers more than advertisements. They realise that some advertisements for resorts, spas, hotels and inns may be overly complimentary. These ads may emphasise fine quality accommodations when, in fact, these establishments may only offer mediocre rooms and services. Yet an evaluation by someone who has recently stayed in certain guest accommodations seems to be the most valid review and feedback.

2. TripAdvisor Reviews Can Impact Guest Accommodation Bookings. Members of the hospitality industry know that TripAdvisor reviews by recent guests in their hotels, resorts and inns or B&Bs can strongly impact future bookings. If a resort or inn receives even one bad review from a traveller, readers who are planning trips may select another place to stay while away. If a resort or B&B receives multiple poor or less than favourable reviews from travellers, this can result in a significant drop in future consumer bookings.

3. TripAdvisor Reviews Affect Guest Establishment Competitive Ratings. The owners and operators of worldwide guest establishments know that consumer ratings of their hotels or inns can strongly affect their positioning relative to industry competitors. While good ratings by reviewers on TripAdvisor can boost these rankings considerably, poor reviews and ratings can cause industry rankings to plummet rapidly.

4. Negative Reviews Carry More Weight Than Positive Reviews. Travel and hospitality industry members also know that negative consumer reviews on TripAdvisor have more influence on their business than positive reviews. Of course, everyone wants and delights in receiving positive feedback from customers. Yet one negative review is recognised as a serious warning that customer dissatisfaction must be addressed immediately to avoid additional unfavourable feedback and a loss of business.

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