Five Reasons Why You Need to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Small Business

16 March 2022

Positive reviews are essential for growing and developing your small business today. More than 86 percent of consumers consult online reviews for local and online businesses before purchasing their products and services. If your small business venture receives only a limited number of favourable reviews, it may not expand and flourish as you want it to.

Why Positive Reviews Are Essential for the Success of Your Small Business

You need to receive more positive reviews for your small business to succeed for the following five reasons:

1. Getting Notice for Your Business. Receiving positive reviews can make your company stand out. A business that receives 200 or more 5-star reviews has a much greater chance of gaining consumers’ attention than a business that gets 12 to 15 3-star reviews. Positive reviews will gain the notice of a much wider organic target audience.

2. Affecting Shoppers’ Purchasing Decisions. Today’s savvy consumers will naturally consider a small business that receives a large number of favourable reviews trustworthy. They are much more likely to purchase products from this company than from one with only a few positive reviews.

3. Responding to Reviews. When you respond to customer reviews, this will encourage buyers to gain trust in your company. By taking the time to read and respond to your small business reviews, whether they are positive, negative or mixed, you show concern for the customer’s experience.

Both regular and new customers are more likely to shop more frequently and purchase a greater number of products from your company when they realize that you engage your audience by responding to these reviews.

4. Promoting Referral Marketing. When a well-satisfied customer gives your small business a positive review on a social media site, their friends and followers read these reviews. Often, interested readers share these reviews, helping you to attract new buyers.

5. Improving Your SEO. Google pays attention to your rank on the map listings. This search engine giant takes note of your overall rating, how often you typically receive reviews and how recently your company received a review. Google also takes notice of whether you respond to your reviews. Obviously, a small business that gets a large volume of favourable reviews will rank higher on Google.

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