Understanding Yelp and How They Handle Reviews

25 October 2021

While business owners place a high value on positive online reviews of their brands, products and services, many are somewhat wary of the huge ecosystem of such influential review posting sites as Yelp. Yelp’s advertising sales representatives are known for their aggressive and sometimes controlling tactics. In addition, some positive Yelp reviews of companies that appear to be quite legitimate are filtered out, buried and forgotten. Yet if they are managed well, Yelp reviews can be a powerful tool for promoting your business visibility, credibility, growth and success. There is a false myth that circulates constantly in the business world […]

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How Facebook Reviews Can Affect Your Local Business

13 October 2021

Well over one-half of the nearly 4.5 billion social media users around the globe today use Facebook regularly. These local users of this all-powerful and influential social media network and site rely on Facebook for social and business contacts and reviews of myriad companies, products and services today. The vast majority of these Facebook loyal fans buy or disregard many products and services based on the Facebook posted reviews of these brands and on the reviewer’s buying experience. While good FB reviews can spike product and service usage sales significantly for brands, unfavourable ones can cause sales and usage to […]

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The Importance of Customer Testimonials for Your Brand Image

29 September 2021

The use of customer testimonials is a major marketing strategy for business success today. Most consumers are disenchanted with sensational company claims about the virtues and qualities of featured products. According to marketing experts, these testimonials are the deciding factors concerning whether the majority of consumers purchase products and services. Positive feedback from current customers about a brand’s products and services is essential to online business success today. Why Customer Testimonials Can Strengthen and Enhance Your Brand Image Your customers’ enthusiastic testimonials regarding your e-commerce website’s products and services can greatly strengthen, enhance and expand your business image and influence. […]

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Online Reputation and Its Importance to E-Commerce Websites

13 September 2021

A vast amount of any e-commerce company’s success is based on the company’s reputation. Your customers must have some level of trust in you, your brand and your products or services each time that they buy from you. If your products and services are excellent and you deliver them promptly, your customers will develop a greater degree of trust in you and your company. E-Commerce and Your Company Reputation A large majority of consumers report that online reviews of companies’ products and services have a major influence on their purchasing decisions. Unfortunately for online business owners, negative reviews can only […]

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Understanding the Reasons Why Some Google Reviews Get Deleted

20 August 2021

Have you been elated to learn that a client gave your business a 5-star rating on your Google My Business page only to be twice as disappointed to discover that this shiny review disappeared a few days later? This has happened to many online business owners, leaving them feeling somewhat puzzled and deflated. There are several reasons why some Google reviews are deleted, such as the following: A URL Appears in the Review. If a URL appears in a review, it is probably spam, which will tag the review for removal. Some of your well-satisfied clients or customers may want […]

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