The Impact of Consumer Reviews on Buying Decisions

05 July 2021

Online consumer reviews can have a strong impact on shoppers’ buying decisions today. The majority of consumers who shop online read and pay attention to a company’s product and service reviews posted by past or current customers. Many shoppers read these reviews before considering purchasing items from an online merchant. Before signing up for services from home product repair services, local gardeners or house cleaners, they often check the reviews posted by consumers who have already used these services. These reviews serve as referrals from consumers who have previous experience with merchants or service providers and are “in the know” […]

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What Makes Online Reputation Management a Worthy Investment? 

07 June 2021

Professional reputation management is an essential protective service that is necessary for continued business success today. Both online and off, your company’s professional standing must be of high calibre. You want all aspects of your business to be regarded in high esteem. In both B2B and B2C business involvements and transactions, your company name and brand must be protected from hackers, scammers, thieves and malware experts. Policies and practices of Online Reputation Management that make using this fine service a worthy business investment include the following: Full Understanding of Your Company. The safety and security management team of Online Reputation […]

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How Negative Employee Reviews on Glassdoor Can Affect Your Brand and Business Image

26 May 2021

Glassdoor is a major online job and employee seeking a source for companies and workers of all types today. Countless numbers of employers and employees use the Glassdoor website or app to locate new hires or employment opportunities. If you post a job opening at your company on Glassdoor and it elicits a negative review from one or more of your former employees, this unfavourable comment may have adverse effects on both your company brand and business image. Negative Employee Reviews on Glassdoor Can Affect Your Company Brand and Image Unfavourable reviews of your company on Glassdoor that were posted […]

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Real or Unreal: Why Negative Reviews Can Drag Your Business Reputation and ROI Down?

11 May 2021

“You can’t please everyone.” This is a quote that is very familiar to everyone and it need not be explained anymore. After all, the meaning is already quite obvious and if no one is perfect, then there is no such thing as a perfect business either. But how does imperfection and bad reviews really affect a business? By the mere mention of the word Google, a lot of things already come to mind, but the most obvious for everyone is that it is a powerful search engine tool. Additionally, Google is also the fastest growing platform in terms of local […]

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The Importance of Getting More Online Reviews for Your Business

28 April 2021

Customers depend on online reviews to choose which films to see, the best inns to remain in, and the best software to purchase. Late examinations show more than half of grown-ups under 50 counsel reviews before settling on a buying choice. Individuals trust and depend on audit locales, which is the reason they top indexed lists. Individuals who purchase online consistently are significantly more liable to depend on reviews. This implies online reviews are especially significant for eCommerce and software as a help to businesses. How Important are Online Reviews for Your Business? With an increment in the number of […]

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