YouTube Trolls and Negative Comments: What’s the Best Thing to Do?

12 May 2022

It is always somewhat hurtful and disconcerting when you put a great deal of time, energy and hard work into creating a dynamic and meaningful YouTube video, and it attracts the mean-spirited comments of trolls. Although the first impulse is often to strike back directly at these disparaging comments and commenters, this may not help. Remind yourself that some people make a warped hobby out of travelling around the web leaving negative and often senseless comments and insults about even top-quality content. Best Ways to Handle YouTube Trolls and Negative Comments The recommended methods for handling YouTube trolls and various […]

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How Online Reviews Can Lead to More Sales Conversion

29 April 2022

The powerful effect of online consumer reviews today has a strong influence on the entire sales process for brands. Company leaders and staff members from industries of all types are gaining full awareness that they no longer have control of their brands’ reputations. In essence, the buying customers or business clients who post reviews online are now the major brand influencers. Important Ways in Which Online Reviews Can Influence Sales Conversions Both B2B and B2C marketers currently report that online reviews can influence sales conversions in the following ways: • Displayed Reviews. When reviews are posted on websites and landing […]

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How Positive Local Reviews Can Help Your ROI and SEO

10 April 2022

Positive local reviews can definitely help your ROI and SEO today. Although there are upwards of 200 factors that are used to calculate search rankings, online reviews from customers relay a powerful signal to search engines that indicates expertise, authority and trust. Company owners delight in seeing positive local customer reviews on their Google My Business profile. These positive reviews reveal that consumers hold your company’s products and services in high regard. They also enable anyone who may visit your site who has read reviews of your brand and products to know this fact as well. Of course, positive customer […]

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Four Reasons Why TripAdvisor Reviews Are Important to Your Hospitality Business

25 March 2022

TripAdvisor is considered a valuable source of accurate feedback and ratings for resorts, hotels, spas and vacation destinations today. Since many travellers rely on the informative and helpful travel database of TripAdvisor to help them plan trips for business or pleasure, plenty of recent traveller’s reviews also appears on the website. If a hotel, resort or guest inn that you are interested in does not appear on TripAdvisor, you have good reason to wonder why and to check it out well before booking your stay. All of the leaders in the travel and hospitality industry know the value of their […]

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Five Reasons Why You Need to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Small Business

16 March 2022

Positive reviews are essential for growing and developing your small business today. More than 86 percent of consumers consult online reviews for local and online businesses before purchasing their products and services. If your small business venture receives only a limited number of favourable reviews, it may not expand and flourish as you want it to. Why Positive Reviews Are Essential for the Success of Your Small Business You need to receive more positive reviews for your small business to succeed for the following five reasons: 1. Getting Notice for Your Business. Receiving positive reviews can make your company stand […]

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