Three Keys to Success in Online Reputation Management

03 December 2021

Today, more than 70 percent of your customers will locate your business through an online search. Regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar enterprise or an e-commerce website, contemporary consumers rely on web searches to find your brands, products and services. Only by acquiring and maintaining a top-rated online reputation can you ensure greater degrees of ongoing success for your company. Online reputation management (ORM) is managing and responding to what is said about your business in reviews and comments. Both consumers and other members of your industry may choose to write and post reviews of your brand, […]

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The Impact of Online Reviews on Sales and Revenue

15 November 2021

Online reviews have a strong impact on sales and revenue for businesses today. In fact, from 82 to 84 percent of consumers now read these reviews on their smartphones or other digital devices before purchasing products. Online reviews of a brand’s products and services are now rated as the most significant social support for companies. Buyers of all types of inventories and services are strongly influenced by company and product reviews posted by other buyers. Evidence of the Impact of Online Reviews on Company Sales and Revenue Facts revealing the strong impact of digital product and service reviews on a […]

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An Overview on the Policies of Google Review Removals

03 November 2021

Current policies for Google Review Removals focus on prohibited and restricted content. Any content that does not heed these policies can be rejected from the publication of Google Maps. If inaccurate content is placed on Google Maps or if the content is misplaced with the wrong location, this content is likely to be rejected. It is important to stay updated on these major policies. An Overview of Google Review Removals Policies Specific policies and regulations for Google Review Removals Policies include the following: Spam and Fake Content. Your content input on Google Maps should truthfully relate to your experience at […]

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Understanding Yelp and How They Handle Reviews

25 October 2021

While business owners place a high value on positive online reviews of their brands, products and services, many are somewhat wary of the huge ecosystem of such influential review posting sites as Yelp. Yelp’s advertising sales representatives are known for their aggressive and sometimes controlling tactics. In addition, some positive Yelp reviews of companies that appear to be quite legitimate are filtered out, buried and forgotten. Yet if they are managed well, Yelp reviews can be a powerful tool for promoting your business visibility, credibility, growth and success. There is a false myth that circulates constantly in the business world […]

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How Facebook Reviews Can Affect Your Local Business

13 October 2021

Well over one-half of the nearly 4.5 billion social media users around the globe today use Facebook regularly. These local users of this all-powerful and influential social media network and site rely on Facebook for social and business contacts and reviews of myriad companies, products and services today. The vast majority of these Facebook loyal fans buy or disregard many products and services based on the Facebook posted reviews of these brands and on the reviewer’s buying experience. While good FB reviews can spike product and service usage sales significantly for brands, unfavourable ones can cause sales and usage to […]

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