It is always somewhat hurtful and disconcerting when you put a great deal of time, energy and hard work into creating a dynamic and meaningful YouTube video, and it attracts the mean-spirited comments of trolls.

Although the first impulse is often to strike back directly at these disparaging comments and commenters, this may not help. Remind yourself that some people make a warped hobby out of travelling around the web leaving negative and often senseless comments and insults about even top-quality content.

Best Ways to Handle YouTube Trolls and Negative Comments

The recommended methods for handling YouTube trolls and various types of negative comments directed at your quality videos include the following:

• Do Not Be Threatened or Intimidated by Trolls.
Be aware that anyone can become a troll. It takes no degree of intelligence or skill to make disagreeable comments. Remember that negative comments about your videos are actually reflections of the commenter’s perceptions and abilities or shortcomings in interpreting the true meaning of your content. Some people just won’t get it, regardless of how obvious or simple your presentation may be.

• Realize that All Negative Commenters Are Not Trolls. Some people tend to criticize video content with overly harsh words or unpleasant language. Yet they may not mean to be rude or unkind. These commenters may just approach all comments and reviews through a tough, negative lens.

In fact, after reading through their comments, you may see some truth to what they are saying. You may even gain some valuable insight into how viewers are perceiving your content in ways that you were not aware of.

• Beware of Crafty Trolls.
Some web trolls make a habit of alternating positive and negative comments about YouTube videos. This is a game they like to play, attempting to get you to value their opinions before tearing down your creative expressions. Again, there may be some truth in both types of these comments, but you need to sort through the rubbish to locate a bright spot here and there.

• Refrain from Responding to Trolls.
Refrain from wasting your time talking to trolls. For the most part, they are bored people with low self-esteem who crave attention. If you respond to their negative comments, you are playing into their game. Just remember that they have nothing invested in their unkind comments. Trolling is just a pastime to them. Save your time, energy and valuable ideas for others who truly appreciate your high-quality videos.

• View a Humorous Troll Less Harshly. Occasionally, you may come across a humorous troll when scanning through comments about your YouTube videos. This may be a would-be comedian in search of a gig or a poet trying out a negative trend. This type of commenter is most likely looking for a way into your range of vision and acceptance. Often, they will soften their words and add some valid insights to your collection of diverse video reviews.

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The powerful effect of online consumer reviews today has a strong influence on the entire sales process for brands. Company leaders and staff members from industries of all types are gaining full awareness that they no longer have control of their brands’ reputations. In essence, the buying customers or business clients who post reviews online are now the major brand influencers.

Important Ways in Which Online Reviews Can Influence Sales Conversions

Both B2B and B2C marketers currently report that online reviews can influence sales conversions in the following ways:

• Displayed Reviews. When reviews are posted on websites and landing pages or on social media platforms, they can have a powerful influence on a brand’s product sales conversions. Studies have shown that a product receiving five reviews is much more likely to have increased sales conversions than a product receiving no reviews.

In fact, after receiving these five reviews, the product sales conversions are typically four times greater. Yet higher-priced versions of this product or similar upscale products will not necessarily gain more sales volumes.

• 5-Star Reviews. Marketing teams report that good rather than superior ratings may boost sales conversion rates the most. Products with ratings in the 4.2 to 4.7 range are more likely to have greater sales conversions than those with higher ratings. Shoppers are actually wary of items with consistently top ratings. Too many 4.8 or 5.0-star ratings can seem contrived or false to some buyers.

• Negative Reviews.
Often, readers tend to lose trust in reviews that are too positive and products that receive a large number of positive reviews. These potential buyers view negative reviews as more honest and credible.

Research also reveals that consumers spend more time on websites that display negative reviews of a company’s product or service. These consumers also frequently purchase a product with one or more negative reviews after spending time reading about it.

• Higher-Priced Products. When shopping for an upscale product, consumers typically pay more attention to online reviews. They trust the opinions of former buyers and the general public concerning the quality of products in a higher price range. In fact, sales conversion rates are often nearly twice as high for these upscale products than for lower-priced items.

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Positive local reviews can definitely help your ROI and SEO today. Although there are upwards of 200 factors that are used to calculate search rankings, online reviews from customers relay a powerful signal to search engines that indicates expertise, authority and trust. Company owners delight in seeing positive local customer reviews on their Google My Business profile.

These positive reviews reveal that consumers hold your company’s products and services in high regard. They also enable anyone who may visit your site who has read reviews of your brand and products to know this fact as well. Of course, positive customer reviews that appear in local newspapers, newsletters and local TV channels can also have a significant impact on the ROI and SEO of a business site.

How We Know that Local Google Reviews Help ROI and SEO for Business

When Google’s algorithm evaluates a website, one of its objectives is to measure E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trust). Positive reviews from local shoppers have a major significance. Favourable reviews from local shoppers in your local store alert Google to the fact that your company possesses the trustworthiness that the algorithm is searching for.

In addition, numerous studies have been conducted that reveal that positive local Google reviews have a huge role in determining your search ranking. A couple of years ago, Google banned anonymous reviews that had no profile attached. Since this ban was effective retroactively, many companies lost volumes of reviews overnight.

Further studies showed that businesses that lost a considerable number of reviews also dropped two or more spots in rankings. They sometimes even lost their Page 1 recognition.

Why Local Google Reviews Can Help Your SEO and ROI

There are three basic reasons by positive local reviews benefit your SEO and ROI:

1. Reviews from Local Customers Strengthen Trust.
Google tends to put more trust in what other people and businesses say about you and your e-commerce site than on what you say about yourself and your business. When you get positive, glowing reviews from your local clientele, the Google algorithm gives your e-commerce website greater visibility as a reward. Of course, enhanced SEO for your business site can also increase your return on investment (ROI) significantly.

2. Positive Customer Ratings Increase Your Target Market.
Many online shoppers place a high value on Google customer reviews of businesses. A BrightLocal survey revealed that about 57 percent of consumers only buy from an e-commerce site if it has 4 stars or more.

If your online store or sales site has four or five stars regularly and a large number of in-depth positive reviews, web searchers will most likely gain trust in your website, brand and products. As your site attracts more traffic, Google gets a signal that your domain is authoritative and rewards you with a higher search ranking. This enables you to sell more products, steadily increasing your ROI.

3. Favourable Local Reviews Give Google Information about Your Website.
As you build your e-commerce site, including richly detailed descriptions gives Google valuable information about your products and services. Detailed, yet clear and concise product descriptions make it easier for this giant search engine to recognize your website and crawl it. When this happens, you are on your way to better SEO and increased ROI.

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TripAdvisor is considered a valuable source of accurate feedback and ratings for resorts, hotels, spas and vacation destinations today. Since many travellers rely on the informative and helpful travel database of TripAdvisor to help them plan trips for business or pleasure, plenty of recent traveller’s reviews also appears on the website.

If a hotel, resort or guest inn that you are interested in does not appear on TripAdvisor, you have good reason to wonder why and to check it out well before booking your stay. All of the leaders in the travel and hospitality industry know the value of their guest accommodations getting good reviews on TripAdvisor.

Four Reasons Why TripAdvisor Reviews Are Valuable for Your Hospitality Business

TripAdvisor reviews posted by travellers who have stayed in guest accommodations during trips are very important to owners of hospitality businesses for the following four reasons:

1. Consumers Trust Other Travellers’ Opinions. Most consumers who are planning trips today trust the opinions of other travellers more than advertisements. They realise that some advertisements for resorts, spas, hotels and inns may be overly complimentary. These ads may emphasise fine quality accommodations when, in fact, these establishments may only offer mediocre rooms and services. Yet an evaluation by someone who has recently stayed in certain guest accommodations seems to be the most valid review and feedback.

2. TripAdvisor Reviews Can Impact Guest Accommodation Bookings. Members of the hospitality industry know that TripAdvisor reviews by recent guests in their hotels, resorts and inns or B&Bs can strongly impact future bookings. If a resort or inn receives even one bad review from a traveller, readers who are planning trips may select another place to stay while away. If a resort or B&B receives multiple poor or less than favourable reviews from travellers, this can result in a significant drop in future consumer bookings.

3. TripAdvisor Reviews Affect Guest Establishment Competitive Ratings. The owners and operators of worldwide guest establishments know that consumer ratings of their hotels or inns can strongly affect their positioning relative to industry competitors. While good ratings by reviewers on TripAdvisor can boost these rankings considerably, poor reviews and ratings can cause industry rankings to plummet rapidly.

4. Negative Reviews Carry More Weight Than Positive Reviews. Travel and hospitality industry members also know that negative consumer reviews on TripAdvisor have more influence on their business than positive reviews. Of course, everyone wants and delights in receiving positive feedback from customers. Yet one negative review is recognised as a serious warning that customer dissatisfaction must be addressed immediately to avoid additional unfavourable feedback and a loss of business.

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Positive reviews are essential for growing and developing your small business today. More than 86 percent of consumers consult online reviews for local and online businesses before purchasing their products and services. If your small business venture receives only a limited number of favourable reviews, it may not expand and flourish as you want it to.

Why Positive Reviews Are Essential for the Success of Your Small Business

You need to receive more positive reviews for your small business to succeed for the following five reasons:

1. Getting Notice for Your Business. Receiving positive reviews can make your company stand out. A business that receives 200 or more 5-star reviews has a much greater chance of gaining consumers’ attention than a business that gets 12 to 15 3-star reviews. Positive reviews will gain the notice of a much wider organic target audience.

2. Affecting Shoppers’ Purchasing Decisions. Today’s savvy consumers will naturally consider a small business that receives a large number of favourable reviews trustworthy. They are much more likely to purchase products from this company than from one with only a few positive reviews.

3. Responding to Reviews. When you respond to customer reviews, this will encourage buyers to gain trust in your company. By taking the time to read and respond to your small business reviews, whether they are positive, negative or mixed, you show concern for the customer’s experience.

Both regular and new customers are more likely to shop more frequently and purchase a greater number of products from your company when they realize that you engage your audience by responding to these reviews.

4. Promoting Referral Marketing. When a well-satisfied customer gives your small business a positive review on a social media site, their friends and followers read these reviews. Often, interested readers share these reviews, helping you to attract new buyers.

5. Improving Your SEO. Google pays attention to your rank on the map listings. This search engine giant takes note of your overall rating, how often you typically receive reviews and how recently your company received a review. Google also takes notice of whether you respond to your reviews. Obviously, a small business that gets a large volume of favourable reviews will rank higher on Google.

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