An Overview on the Policies of Google Review Removals

03 November 2021

Current policies for Google Review Removals focus on prohibited and restricted content. Any content that does not heed these policies can be rejected from the publication of Google Maps. If inaccurate content is placed on Google Maps or if the content is misplaced with the wrong location, this content is likely to be rejected. It is important to stay updated on these major policies.

An Overview of Google Review Removals Policies

Specific policies and regulations for Google Review Removals Policies include the following:

Spam and Fake Content. Your content input on Google Maps should truthfully relate to your experience at the location given rather than speculated or fabricated experience. Refrain from posting identical content several times or posting content concerning a specific location from multiple different accounts.

Restricted Content. Some products or services may be subject to industry controls or local regulations. Any content that you post relative to these controlled or regulated products must not contain any sales offers or calls to action. Some affected products and services are alcohol, gambling, tobacco, health and medical services, pharmaceuticals, adult services or various financial services.

Illegal Content. Content that concerns or describes illegal activity will not be accepted on Google Maps. This content includes material, including images, that infringes on another person’s legal rights. All material related to adult and child sexual abuse will be rejected from inclusion on maps. Content about illegal drugs sales or endangered animal products will be rejected. All content relative to terrorist groups and activities will also be rejected.

Offensive Content. All content that contains offensive language, images or gestures will be rejected from inclusion on Google Maps. Any content that uses profanity will also be rejected.

Dangerous or Derogatory Content. Any content that contains dangerous or derogatory language or images aimed at a business entity or person will be rejected from Google Maps inclusion. Any threats of language advocating harm against individuals, groups, businesses or organizations will be prohibited from appearing on Google Maps. Any racial threats or slurs will also be rejected from maps as will slurs or derogatory comments concerning gender identity or sexual orientation.

False Representation and Deceptive Content. Impersonalisation, false representation or deceptive content is also banned from inclusion on Google Maps. You may not falsely represent another person, business entity or organisation. Google reserves the right to remove content and to suspend the accounts of any persons, business entities or groups that misrepresent another person, business or organisation.

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