Netwizard has been in the business of helping our clients get great results online since 2007. Currently providing web hosting for over 1500 clients in Australia the same problem keeps coming up.

“Keyboard Warriors are destroying my business”

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland our team are committed to stopping the online trolls costing your business money.

In 2007 when Netwizard starting building beautiful websites the vast majority of other website and web hosting providers spoke in jargon and had no concept of customer service. We identified this issue and created a customer service focused creative agency that made sure our clients could focus on their businesses and not their websites.

Now we have identified a new problem plaguing our clients: online trolls leaving disingenuous and slanderous online reviews. We have utilized our position and experience to make sure that we get success for you when dealing with the likes of Google and Facebook.

If you want to stop the online trolls then contact us now for a free quote.