5 Ways to Encourage Positive Social Media Reviews

12 July 2021

Positive social media reviews are very important to the continued growth and development of your business today. Without a strong, reliable and favourable image on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other influential social media sites, your company may experience a lag in building a strong customer base and gaining more sales conversions.

The quality of reviews on social media platforms concerning your brand, products and services can also affect your online business image and persona. It can lower your company’s visibility, credibility and degrees of success. In addition, any negative reviews may result in a better reputation and increased levels of business for your major competitors.

Five Ways to Encourage Positive Social Media Reviews

Five effective ways of encouraging positive social media reviews for your business and brand include the following:

Respond to Your Business Posting Comments. Make it a habit to always respond to comments that you receive concerning your business posts on social media websites. Even disgruntled or sceptical readers of your posts have the potential to become new customers. By answering their comments courteously, promptly and thoroughly, you may convert quite a few of your detractors into new buyers and loyal customers.

Answer Questions and Engage with Your Audience. When you answer reader questions on social media sites, engage with your audience. Open a dialogue with them and determine their product buying preferences and needs. When you respond to even casual comments on your posts, readers will be pleased and inclined to follow your future posts. Their future reviews will most likely be positive ones.

Provide Excellent Customer Service with Timely Responses. When your company website provides top-rated customer service with timely responses to inquiries, comments and complaints, you will notice a difference in your social media reviews. Even casual buyers of your products and services will be impressed when their problems or issues with your brand are addressed quickly and directly.

Never Post Negative Statements about Your Competitors. Make it a strict rule to never post negative statements about your competitors on social media sites. If you post unfavourable statements about your leading business competition, these comments will most likely bring you more negative future reviews. When your attitude is positive, it will often be reflected in the attitudes and comments of your social media audience and reviewers.

Heed All Customer Complaints. Never ignore a customer complaint. You should reply to even the most mundane of negative comments concerning your brand. Remember that these unfavourable comments are not personal attacks on you or your staff members. These negative reviews are great opportunities to engage a disgruntled individual or other company employees. It should be your goal to turn every negative comment and review into positive responses that build new trust and promote your brand’s sales numbers.

When you consult our professional team at Online Reputation Management, you will receive expert advice concerning gaining more positive social media reviews for your company and brand. Our experienced professionals will work with you to address all negative comments, reviews and complaints concerning your brand and products promptly, directly and courteously. Our team will guide you in turning these uncomplimentary, negative reviews into positive, profitable ones for increasing your future business success.

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